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About Me

Dr.P. Anil Kumar, the eldest son of shri.S.P.NAIR, is at the helm of the MJ Group. A born leader, Anil is blessed with the acumen to see opportunities where none apparently exist, the courage to take the untrodden path and the determination to see his vision through to fruition.
While Anil propels MJ group to soar higher, farther and wider, what sets him clearly apart is his ability to simultaneously bring his formidable abilities to bear on philanthropic and social causes., and now shares his knowledge with budding leaders, both in the MJ Group and beyond.
At MJ Infrastructure, we believe that preserving the natural environment is an integral part of creating a community where you will be proud to call home. That means everything from environmentally sensitive planning to energy-efficient home design. In addition,

the homes we build have designed to harmonize with the scenic beauty of the surrounding landscape. We preserve as much open space as possible, incorporating and even restoring the existing rocks, trees, and ponds. Our homes include numerous green features that help to minimize our impact on the environment. By going green with a new MJ Infrastructure home, you will be saving money, making a difference, and maximizing your quality of life.